About project

We created this new website for the XIII-th Wonca Europe conference in Paris. We have been inspired by the same problems of GP-s in various countries. We are offering a project of common communication. Platform for all problems of GP-s from any European country. The name of this website is very symbolic – globalfamilydoctor.eu. This internet domain was couple of days ago free.
Central point of the site is an interactive map of European countries.
On the site there are folowing links:
In the left column
-actual WHO data - by clicking on any country on this map, you will get data about individual coutry from WHO database
-next link will show you the map of WONCA members in Europe – by clicking on any country on this map, you will get WONCA data of individual country
-next link will show you the map of local GP organizations in individual countries. By clicking on any country you will get the website of local GP organisation in a new window -following are links - DATA POOLING, DEFINITION, COMPARISON, BALANCING. This links are under construction and will be used for analysis, comparison and balancing of primary level in quality of care provided and medical education
-following WONCA Europe network – will show WONCA organisational networks as EQUIP, EURACT, EGPRN, EUROPREV, Vasco da gama movement...
-folowing European public health – will show links of European public health organizations.

Important message for Informatic WONCA party is: We need your help very much in this field. Most important is to define indicators, which should be used in data pooling.
This was the short description of our initiative. I am challenging all GP's to collaboration.

About authors

Peter Lipták, MD
President of Slovak Society of the General practice
email: lipp@pobox.sk
web: www.vpl.sk

Martin Korman, MSc
IT expert
email: martin.korman@mail.t-com.sk

Important: The problems are requiring multidisciplinary aproach nowadays.